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Internet drop out when Sony PS3 connected to LAN

Hi All,

Just been troubleshooting an unusual issue that is not really related to the normal items I get involved with, but I thought might be worth posting the details on to save everyone a lot of headaches if they run into it. 

For those with their Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console connected to the local LAN (either wireless or wired), you may experience regular Internet drop outs while the PS3 is online.  The issue appears to be random, but it occurs approximately every 1/2 hour when the "right functions" are being used on the PS3.  The one I investigated worked without issue for long periods but it appears to depend on which games you are playing or functions in use.

From what I can diagnose, it appears that the "Media Server" search function causes some Internet routers (ADSL Routers) to reset at regular intervals as it searches for media servers on the LAN.  I suspect it is something related to uPNP or similar, but in simple terms you just need to TURN OFF the "Use Media Servers" function and the problem will go away.

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