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Watchguard Secuity Solutions

How to Reset Watchguard Firebox Edge to Factory Default

If you cannot correct a configuration problem and must “start over,” you can restore the factory default settings. For example, if you do not know the administrator account passphrase or a power interruption causes damage to the Firebox X Edge appliance software, you can restore the Edge to the factory default settings and build your configuration again.

To set the Firebox X Edge e-Series to the factory default settings:

Watchguard Firebox Edge Factory Default Configuration

 The term factory default settings refers to the configuration on the Firebox X Edge when you first receive it before you make any changes. The default network and configuration properties for the Edge are:

Trusted network

The default IP address for the trusted network is The subnet mask for the trusted network is

The Firebox X Edge is configured to give IP addresses to computers on the trusted network through DHCP. By default, the IP addresses given can be from to

External network

The Firebox is configured to get an IP address with DHCP.

Optional network

The optional network is disabled.

Firewall settings

All incoming policies are denied. The outgoing policy allows all outgoing traffic. Ping requests received on the external network are denied.

Aztech Networks Partners

Aztech Networks partners with the industry leading hardware and software vendors to ensure we can always deliver the best solutions regardless of your requirements. Our staff are trained in each of the vendors products suites to ensure we have the best understanding of how you can fully utilise the product benefits and allowing to us to choose the best products to suit your requirements.

Aztech Networks are always open to new opportunities to partner with vendors that have products and solutions that deliver reliability, performance and maximise the customers investment.  If you have a product that you think would suit our solutions then please contact 

Watchguard Fireware, WSM, SSL Help

For your convenience, Watchguard now provides a number of published "Help Systems" for their products and software.


Firebox X edge e-series v10.2:


Watchguard System Manager:


Watchguard SSL

[AzTechNotes] Phishing Season is open and Flash Player Vulnerability

Hi Everyone,


It has been a while since my last TechNote, which might really mean good
news.  If I haven't had to send out any security alerts, then that is a good
thing. Eye-wink

The only really pertinent alert in the last month is a security
vulnerability of "Adobe Flash Player" which is exploited when you visit a
malicious Flash (.swf) file.  There is no patch for the player, so best
defence is really to avoid any suspect sites (which is always good advice).

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[AzTechNotes] SUN Java Vulnerabilities - All Operating Systems (RISK: Medium)

US-Cert has released a security alert warning of vulnerabilities in all previous versions of Sun Java.  Java is used for 'cool' functions in WebPages and is commonly installed on most PC's to enable this functionality (there are some other options such as Microsoft's version but this was phased out a number of years ago so it is not widely used anymore). Upgrading your client to the latest version will eliminate the security hole.

A link to the US-Cert alert is below:

Aztech Networks 2008 NRL Tipping Competition

McAfee Security
Welcome Back Tipsters,
All entries are now closed and prizes have been finalised
We have a total of 39 tipsters this year so it should make some healthy competition and from what we have seen so far this year with all the upsets it could be anyones competition.
Don't forget to get your tips in by Friday evening at and we will also have some special tipping for the State of Origin as well.  A new knockout feature has also been added this year so it should be fun.
Tipping Competition Rules:
All the competition rules are available from the oztips site once your are logged in.

Watchguard® Professional Partner

Aztech Networks today announced that it has achieved Watchguard® Professional Partner status.

This accreditation recognises their security certifcations and continued focus on solutions for the SMB market.

The Watchguard solutions further enhances their ability to provide their customers the "best of breed" security and networking solutions to suit the SMB customers.  Features of the Watchguard appliances, such as Web traffic and SPAM filtering at the gateway are a perfect fit for small IT operations with limited resources and time.