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Cisco Networking Solutions

Cisco SMB Specialisation and SELECT Partnership

Cisco Select Partner

Aztech Networks has today re-affirmed their commitment to the Small and Medium Business marketplace by completing the required accreditation to renew their Cisco SMB Specialisation and their Cisco SELECT Partnership

This SMB specialisation highlights the core Cisco technical skills held by the Aztech support team in the Cisco SMB product suites, whilst the Select partner status ensures the best pricing and support to their customers.

If you would like to get your network working harder for you, then get in contact with Aztech Networks today.


Cisco 2600 series IOS upgrade procedure

Cisco 2600 Series Routers Upgrade Procedure

  • Establish a console session to the router
  • Verify that the TFTP server has IP connectivity to the router
  • Copy the new image into the Flash memory of the 2600 Series Router through the TFTP server

Step 1: Establish a console session to the router

Even if it is possible to connect to the router through a telnet session, it is strongly recommended to be directly connected to the router using the console port. The reason is that if something goes wrong during the upgrade, it might be necessary to be physically located next to the router to power-cycle it. Moreover, the telnet connection will be lost while the router is rebooting during the upgrade procedure.

A rolled cable (usually a flat black cable) is used to connect the console port of the router to one of the COM ports of the PC.

Once the PC is connected to the console port of the router, you need to open Hyperterminal on the PC, and use the following settings:

Cisco and Other Vendors Vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) flaws

The Finnish Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-FI) has released an alert which lists a number of vendors that have reported vulnerability to a new Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability.  A DoS attack on the flaw can cause network devices to crash or lockup generating service outages for your network.

The vulnerability was discovered by researchers utilising a testing tool known as Sockstress, but can be replicated by flooding a device with specially crafted data packets (TCP packets in particular).

Below is a list of the affected vendors and links to their alerts:

Cisco Router Password Recovery Procedure


This document describes how to recover the enable password and the enable secret passwords. These passwords protect access to privileged EXEC and configuration modes. The enable password password can be recovered, but the enable secret password is encrypted and must be replaced with a new password. Use the procedure described in this document in order to replace the enable secret password.


There are no specific requirements for this document.

Components Used

The information in this document is based on these hardware versions:

  • Cisco 2600 Series Router

  • Cisco 2800 Series Router

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.

Aztech Networks Partners

Aztech Networks partners with the industry leading hardware and software vendors to ensure we can always deliver the best solutions regardless of your requirements. Our staff are trained in each of the vendors products suites to ensure we have the best understanding of how you can fully utilise the product benefits and allowing to us to choose the best products to suit your requirements.

Aztech Networks are always open to new opportunities to partner with vendors that have products and solutions that deliver reliability, performance and maximise the customers investment.  If you have a product that you think would suit our solutions then please contact 

Cisco® Select Certified Partner.

Aztech Networks announced today that it has achieved Select Certification from Cisco®.

Recognising their focus on the small and medium sized business (SMB) market.