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[AzTechNotes] Web Hosting FTP virus warning - GUMBLAR

Attn: Aztech Hosting Clients and AztechNotes Subscribers,
Firstly, apologies if you receive this email twice because you are on both lists but I thought it worth making sure everyone receives this virus warning.
It has been quite some time since we have seen a security alert that is worth passing on, however there is a growing concern in the security fields regarding a virus commonly known as "Gumblar".  The virus is named after the original Chinese domain name (gumblar .cn) that hosted the malicous code, but this site has since been closed and an alternative domain has been established.

McAfee Groupshield 7.0.1 Anti-Spam Rules Updater service not updating

If you notice your Anti-SPAM rules in McAfee Groupshield 7.0.1 for Exchange are not updating and probably reflecting a date in November 2008, then the McAfee knowledgebase article below may resolve your issue and restarting the streaming updater service.

After the completion of the steps below, your Anti-SPAM rules should be updated to the current date / time to reflect the correct operation.


McAfee Strategic Security Summit 2009

Aztech Networks would like to invite all of its customers to the McAfee Strategic Security Summit which is on Friday July 17 2009 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour (Sydney) Australia.

See our McAfee Forums for Full Details.


Aztech Networks Support Team



McAfee Strategic Security Summit - Sydney Australia

McAfee Security


Aztech Networks would like to invite all of its customers to the McAfee Strategic Security Summit which is on Friday July 17 2009 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour (Sydney) Australia.

The full invitation and details can be found below or at this link. I hope everyone can make it to what promises to be this years premier security industry conference.


Aaron Wheeler (Aztech Networks Pty Ltd)

ERROR: setup detected an error reading file required to continue installation (issue: TCP/IP Dynamic Port used)

Courtesy McAfee KB: KB53935


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Patch 2
Microsoft Windows (all supported versions, see KB51109 )

Problem 1

The following error reported when installing ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Patch 2:

Aztech Networks Partners

Aztech Networks partners with the industry leading hardware and software vendors to ensure we can always deliver the best solutions regardless of your requirements. Our staff are trained in each of the vendors products suites to ensure we have the best understanding of how you can fully utilise the product benefits and allowing to us to choose the best products to suit your requirements.

Aztech Networks are always open to new opportunities to partner with vendors that have products and solutions that deliver reliability, performance and maximise the customers investment.  If you have a product that you think would suit our solutions then please contact 

TCPView from Sysinternals


A great little utility I use all the time is TCPView from Sysinternal (MS Technet). 


This little program shows you which application is using which TCP or UDP ports on your workstation.  It is fantastic for identifying what is generating outgoing connections from a PC.  Particularly with todays prevelant amount of Malware / Spyware out there, it is great to see what is happening on your PC in the background (usually without your knowledge).

[AzTechNotes] Phishing Season is open and Flash Player Vulnerability

Hi Everyone,


It has been a while since my last TechNote, which might really mean good
news.  If I haven't had to send out any security alerts, then that is a good
thing. Eye-wink

The only really pertinent alert in the last month is a security
vulnerability of "Adobe Flash Player" which is exploited when you visit a
malicious Flash (.swf) file.  There is no patch for the player, so best
defence is really to avoid any suspect sites (which is always good advice).

McAfee ePO install on MS Vista

If any of the systems you support are running Vista, you've probably come across the problem of trying to install ePO onto those machines. Framepkg.exe, the single-file installer for the CMA and ePO, doesn't work in Vista, unless you're running as "administrator."

NB: this doesn't mean as an administrator, but rather the built-in administrator account itself.

McAfee ePO Agent Install issues

Extract from McAfee Knowledgebase article 651488 ( ... 0%20734175)  :

7.  Custom agent installation packages with embedded user credentials (FRAMEPKG.EXE) might not install successfully on computers using these operating systems: