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Web Hosting

Inernet Hosting Services

Aztech Networks Hosting Pre-Sales Support

For all Hosting related Pre-Sales queries you can either:


1.  Post here in the forum for the community to respond

2.  Submit a ticket via our support system

3.  Send an email to .


For both 2 and 3, this will auto-respond with a case number so you can track your query and we can ensure we respond to you correctly.


Official Domain Name Support

Hi All,

This forum is for client to client support only. 

If you have a request for support from Aztech Networks, please use the following links:

Aztech Networks Support Ticket System:

Or you can simply email to:


Aztech Networks Support Team

Discount Hosting

Aztech Networks Discount Hosting

Aztech Networks Premium US Servers are located in top tier USA Data Centres for maximum redundancy and guaranteed 99.9% availability. 

All hosting plans include generous disk and bandwidth quotas to suit budget conscious customers with even the hungriest of web requirements. Don't let your hosting budget restrict your website requirements.  Our discount hosting plans, allow you to have all the space, quota and performance you need without the premium price tag.

[AzTechNotes] Web Hosting FTP virus warning - GUMBLAR

Attn: Aztech Hosting Clients and AztechNotes Subscribers,
Firstly, apologies if you receive this email twice because you are on both lists but I thought it worth making sure everyone receives this virus warning.
It has been quite some time since we have seen a security alert that is worth passing on, however there is a growing concern in the security fields regarding a virus commonly known as "Gumblar".  The virus is named after the original Chinese domain name (gumblar .cn) that hosted the malicous code, but this site has since been closed and an alternative domain has been established.

Client Sites Sample


Here are a sample of some of our current customers:

Ozzie Cleaner -

Qbec Pty Ltd -

Kleverly Made Handmade Bead and Crystal Jewellery -

Boltorque Automotive -

Kirrawee Mufflers -

Plus many more...

Feel free to post up your site (as long as it is hosted with us!!).

Australian Hosting


I am not an existing customer of Aztech Hosting, but I am seriously thinking about moving my hosting over to Aztech Networks. 

My current provider is causing me lots of grief and is almost impossible to get hold of when I have an issue.  For what I have seen so far, you guys are very easy to find (your live support seems to always be online) and you even have a forum avaiable for customers to voice their opinions.

Once my renewal comes due in June, I will get in contact to get your assistance with migrating my website across.


How to restart Apache (HTTP) in Linux (Centos)

Anytime you make a change to items such as php.ini, you will need to restart your web server (httpd).  FYI: httpd = http daemon.  On our CentOS servers this generally Apache, but could be something else, particularly if you are using LXAdmin as your webhost manager.


For those using our managed servers with root access, here are the commands to do it from the command line:

to restart:

/sbin/service httpd restart

to start:

/sbin/service httpd start

to stop:

/sbin/service httpd stop


Why do you use SSL on your website?

Online Ad serving

Hi All,

Does anyone have any preferences or opinions on "ad software" for placing banner ads and the like in you website?

I have been playing with OpenX (previously called OpenAds) as it appears pretty well configured and certainly seems to have lots of options. In fact, almost too many as it starts to get a little complicated for a first time user.  I guess once you get used to the layout though, it seems well defined.

Content Management (CMS) Products

As you can probably see from our own website, Aztech Networks is currently working heavily with Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS). For those that are new to CMS, it is a simple way to "publish" content into a website and allow participation from your audience. They include items such as, blogs, forums, stories, advertising, images, etc.