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Australian Hosting

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I am not an existing customer of Aztech Hosting, but I am seriously thinking about moving my hosting over to Aztech Networks. 

My current provider is causing me lots of grief and is almost impossible to get hold of when I have an issue.  For what I have seen so far, you guys are very easy to find (your live support seems to always be online) and you even have a forum avaiable for customers to voice their opinions.

Once my renewal comes due in June, I will get in contact to get your assistance with migrating my website across.


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If your existing hosting provider is using cPanel, then it is very simple to migrate and we can help you right through the process.  Just make sure you get in touch with us BEFORE your old hosting expires so we can still access your old hosting site. 

If the old site is not cPanel, then it is still fairly straight forward to move your "webpages" using FTP but you may have to recreate your mailboxes and special configurations.




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