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Content Management (CMS) Products

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As you can probably see from our own website, Aztech Networks is currently working heavily with Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS). For those that are new to CMS, it is a simple way to "publish" content into a website and allow participation from your audience. They include items such as, blogs, forums, stories, advertising, images, etc.

The contributed development for Drupal seems very active at present and reasonably well coordinated which is great for this type of product. Its recent awards as "best CMS" is what convinced us to check it out.

We have also worked with the Joomla and Mambo products, but Drupal seems to have more activity at present.  These two are very highly developed products though, so are probably worth a look if you are just strating down the CMS road.

So what do you prefer in the CMS space? What made you choose the CMS you are using?

Lets here what everyone has to say.




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