Windows Terminal Services changes in Vista SP1, XP SP3 and Windows 2008

In Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2008, you can no longer connect to the console terminal services session using the /console switch or the "Remote Desktops" tool which is part for the Admin Tools.

To connect to the console session you will need to use the /admin switch as below:

mstsc.exe /admin

According to Microsoft Blog, the switch is "no longer required" so has been deprecated. Unfortunately, there is no warning that you have NOT connected to the console session in the new RDP 6.1 version so you won't be even aware that you are on a non-console session.  This obviously is a concern as something may still be happening on the console that you are un-aware of.

Lesson learned is always check before you do something dangerous to the servers.....


MS Blog Article: