Internet drop out when Sony PS3 connected to LAN

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Update - More Information

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on this one, it appears that the Intrusion Prevention (IPS) settings are what is causing the issue.  It looks like the IPS settings on the router are shutting down the connection to block "unwanted" traffic.  Unfortunately, the "unwanted" traffic is simply the PS3 connecting to the Playstation Network (PSN).

So far, my experience is that a good majority of games work without issue, but some require additional traffic types which appear almost like peer to peer (P2P) traffic and this is what is setting off the IPS triggers.  An example that I have seen is with Burnout Paradise, the game works correctly when just using the "Burnout Store" but when you attempt challenges against other online users, the potential issue of Internet dropouts raises its head.

Still not sure of the true cause, but hopefully this gives some assistance in troubleshooting your own connectivity issues.





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