Watchguard Firebox Edge Factory Default Configuration

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 The term factory default settings refers to the configuration on the Firebox X Edge when you first receive it before you make any changes. The default network and configuration properties for the Edge are:

Trusted network

The default IP address for the trusted network is The subnet mask for the trusted network is

The Firebox X Edge is configured to give IP addresses to computers on the trusted network through DHCP. By default, the IP addresses given can be from to

External network

The Firebox is configured to get an IP address with DHCP.

Optional network

The optional network is disabled.

Firewall settings

All incoming policies are denied. The outgoing policy allows all outgoing traffic. Ping requests received on the external network are denied.

System Security

The Firebox X Edge e-Series administrator account is set to the default user name of “admin” and the default passphrase of “admin.” When you connect to the Edge, the Quick Setup Wizard includes a dialog box for you to set the administrator account user name and passphrase. After you complete the Quick Setup Wizard, you must use the user name and password that you selected to see the configuration pages.

The Firebox X Edge is set up for local management from the trusted network only. Additional configuration changes must be made to allow administration from the external network.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade options such as WebBlocker, spamBlocker, and Gateway AV/IPS are always available. You must type the feature keys into the configuration page or use the feature key synchronization feature to activate upgrade options. If you restore the Firebox X Edge to its factory default settings, you do not have to type the feature keys again.

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