McAfee Groupshield 7.0.1 Anti-Spam Rules Updater service not updating

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If you notice your Anti-SPAM rules in McAfee Groupshield 7.0.1 for Exchange are not updating and probably reflecting a date in November 2008, then the McAfee knowledgebase article below may resolve your issue and restarting the streaming updater service.

After the completion of the steps below, your Anti-SPAM rules should be updated to the current date / time to reflect the correct operation.




Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:    KB60040
Version:    1.0 Status:    Published
Published:    November 25, 2008

McAfee GroupShield 7.0.1 (Service Pack 1) for Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Windows 2003/2008
Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007
The Anti-spam package does not install Rules Updater when upgrading GroupShield from version 7.0  to 7.0.1.
Video Tutorial

Deploying the Anti-spam package using ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) does not install the McAfee Anti-Spam Rules Updater service automatically.

System Change

To install the McAfee Anti-Spam Rules Updater service manually:

  1. Log on to the Exchange server running GroupShield as an Administrator.
  2. Click Start, Run... type cmd and click OK.
  3. At the command prompt, change to the GroupShield for Exchange/bin folder. For example, type the following command and press ENTER:

    cd  "\Program Files\McAfee\GroupShield For Exchange\bin"

  4. Type the following command and press ENTER:

    MaesRulesUpdater -i

  5. Close the Command session.




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